Soie FIL


Soie FIL is a yarn where by peach skin effect is generated in fabrics with definite fabric construction. Typical peach skin like surface is created on the fabric, without involving the process of sanding and damaging its surface. This effect can be varied by change of the fabric construction and processing parameters. Same fabric can give two tone frosted effect or deep dyed solid effect by change of the processing conditions. Smooth suedey touch adds value to variety of fabrics in apparel and home furnishing applications. The fabric made with zero twist yarn is characterized by smooth handle and fluid drape. The twisted yarn imparts characteristics soft draped crispiness.



130, 200, 270, 650


- Loose construction of fabrics would give better peachy effect using Soie FIL

- Speeds to be lower by 10%

- Operating tensions to be lower by 10%

- When dyed in low temperature,  the fabric of Soie FIL would give a two-tone effect

- When dyed in high temperature, the fabrics of Soie FIL would give a deep dyed solid effect

End Uses


- Skirts & Blouses

- Shirts & Trousers

- Jackets & Suits

- Thoube, Abaya & Nikab

- Upholstery


- T-Shirts

- Slacks

- Fancy Dress Material

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