Narrow Woven Fabrics (NWF)


Narrow Fabrics are woven textile having a width of 12 inches or less and have a selvedge on either side. They are small strips of fabric, often designed for a specific purposes. Filatex has been rapidly growing in narrow fabric industry. We manufacture narrow fabrics of various types such as NWF satin cord, Fancy cord and tape, zipper tapes, mattress tapes, elastic tape, ribbon, plain and fancy belts and other specialized items as per customers’ demand. We use the finest quality of in-house yarns of polyester and polypropylene, in textured and FDY forms. We manufacture narrow fabrics at the needle looms. These machines are used for larger runs because of their high-speed capabilities. These machines enable us to manufacture high-quality products which will meet all our customer’s individual specifications.


  • High strength
  • Lower elasticity
  • High durability
  • Fabrics ravel and fray and have grains

End Uses

  • Innerwear
  • Military Equipment such as body armor, helmets, parachutes and pack wedding.
  • Automobile Accessories such as seat belts
  • Zippers

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