Exquisite wavy effects are generated in the yarn,without any knitting modifications. Plain knitted single jersey or warp knitted fabric would show three-dimensional structure, which would be look like surface of the ocean. Processed fabric would have soft crispy effect, which would get converted to powdery effect after weight reduction. Varying effects can be brought about in the fabric with different knitted constructions and incorporation of other yarns.



- Monotone

- Two Tone


110, 160, 200


- Tensions to be precisely maintained in Ocean yarns

    - High tension may affect the effect

     - Low tension may give snarling problem

- Speeds to be lower by 10%

- Standard polyester dyeing to be carried out

- Weight reduction of 10% would increase visual and sensory effect

- Precautions to be taken for higher snarls in the yarn

End Uses

  • Fancy knitwear
  • Sheer Curtains
  • Frills for Dresses

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