Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)


Polyester Partially Oriented Yarn commonly known as Polyester POY refers to multi-filament yarn that is only partially stretched. It is the primary form of yarn made by spinning polyester melt/chips. It is mainly used for manufacturing textured yarn; however, it can also be used in draw warping for weaving and warp knitting of fabrics. POY is available in three lustres: Semi-Dull, Full-Dull and Bright. POY yarn through the texturizing, draw warping or air texturizing routes is used for various end uses like apparels, industrial fabrics,upholstery and car furnishing, filter fabrics etc.


  • More durable than cotton
  • Does not fade on exposure to sunlight or soap
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Longer colour and print retention

End Uses

  • Shirting and Suiting
  • Sarees and ladies’ dress wear
  • Primary raw material used to manufacture DTY

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