Air Textured Yarn (ATY)


Air-jet texturing process is a mechanical method,where cold air stream is used to produce bulked yarns of low extensibility. In this technology, very wide variety of feed yarns can be used. Air-textured yarns has distinctive appearance and physical characteristics of spun yarns. Air-jet texturing process is by far the most versatile of all the yarn texturing methods in terms of type of yarns, it’s linear density, and variety of effects that can be brought about using the same machine. This greater versatility offers the texturizer, far wider scope than other types of textured yarns.


The air jet bulked yarn has permanent crimps and loops and interlacing of filaments in the jet can cause the loops to be locked firmly in the yarn structure, so that subsequent twisting process becomes redundant.  Loop frequency, loop dimensions, loop stability and physical bulk are the important characteristics of air jet textured yarns.

End Uses

  • Automotive products
  • Furnishing fabrics
  • Sewing threads
  • Shirting and blouses
  • Shoelaces
  • Tarpaulins

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