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FIL also proposes to put up poly-condensation facility of approx. 300 MT per day capacity, which is a minimum economic size for Poly-condensation unit. It may be noted that presently, the POY capacity of FIL stands at 45000 TPA, which amounts to approx. 130 MT per day. Therefore, along with poly-condensation unit, the Company also proposes to increase its POY spinning capacity to:
Management Team Filatex  Match the poly-condensation capacity.
Management Team Filatex  Realign its position in line with the capacity expansion announced / being undertaken by other major industry players

The proposed unit would be a Continuous Poly-condensation unit, which offers the following advantages as compared to a Batch Poly-condensation unit:
Management Team Filatex  Reduction in power, packing & transportation costs
Management Team Filatex  Reduction in process time
Management Team Filatex  Reduction in wastages due to avoidance of handling and storage requirements

The above project will aim at the:
Management Team Filatex  Timely availability of raw material.
Management Team Filatex  Reduction in raw material costs
Management Team Filatex  Reduction of fixed cost per unit considerably
Management Team Filatex  Improve profitability of the company on account of economies of scale.

The existing plant would not be able to accommodate the proposed project. The proposed project would be set-up in Silvassa at a place near the existing plant in order to ensure:
Management Team Filatex  Better management control
Management Team Filatex  Logistics management as the existing unit would also source its raw material POY chips from the proposed project
Management Team Filatex  Lower Power Cost @ Rs. 4.00 / KWh
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