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SWOT Analysis


Management Team Filatex  Experienced promoters with over 40 years of experience in the industry
Management Team Filatex  Successfully implemented various expansion schemes in the past with in-house expertise
Management Team Filatex  Consistently achieved capacity utilisation over 90% in respect of POY in the past.
Management Team Filatex  FIL’s Dadra unit enjoys certain locational advantageous such as lower cost of power @ Rs.4.00 / unit at Dadra Plant and close proximity to air/ seaports.
Management Team Filatex  Products are well accepted in the market
Management Team Filatex  With the implementation of the proposed project, the company will reap the benefits of economies of scale due to optimum utilisation of the existing facilities.
Management Team Filatex  Satisfactory organisational set-up with experienced and well-qualified employees.
Management Team Filatex  Strong marketing network with low selling and distribution costs


Management Team Filatex  The prices of raw materials and finished goods move in tandem with international prices, which, in turn, have positive correlation with the prices of petrochemical products.
Management Team Filatex  A major portion of the manufacturing capacity originates from second hand equipment.
Management Team Filatex  FIL adopts the technology of spinning POY from polyester chips which are an intermediate and may put FIL at a comparatively disadvantages position due to relatively higher cost vis-à-vis the other players who manufacture POY directly from PTA/DMT/MEG. Company is taking planning to putting up its own captive poly- condensation facility.


Management Team Filatex  With no major capacity increase being created in the recent past / being planned in the near future, the existing players are well positioned to take advantage of the emerging scenario where demand is expected to exceed supply.
Management Team Filatex  Potential growth in exports of POY / PFY. With quantitative restrictions on textile exports being dismantled under the aegis of World Trade Organisation (WTO) from 2005, it is expected that low cost producers like India will benefit.
Management Team Filatex  With tariffs proposed to come down in India over a period of time, it is expected that raw material costs will be comparable to those prevailing in the international markets.
Management Team Filatex  Potential growth in domestic demand for POY due to increase in share of non-cotton fabric in total fabric production on account of lower availability of cotton, reduction in the excise duty on non-cotton yarns, and higher cotton yarn exports.


Management Team Filatex  Likely expansion by large players like Reliance Industries, Indo Rama Synthetics, Century Enka Ltd., etc.
Management Team Filatex  India has concluded / is in the process of concluding Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with a number of countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, etc. This will lead to lower tariffs all round and may affect Indian textile units, including FIL.
Management Team Filatex  Post WTO, when India would be exposed to international competition. FIL’s position is expected to be vulnerable vis-à-vis those companies with global size and modern facilities.

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