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Polypropylene Yarn
FIL manufactures Polypropylene Multifilament Crimp yarns in different shades and deniers, the range being Deniers from 65 to 300.
FIL also has the capability to produce PPY in other different shades depending on the market trend and the customer specifications.
With the support of world wide customers, Filatex is one of the largest producers of PP Crimp FT yarns.

End uses of Filatex Polypropylene Yarn:
Socks, Tights, Panty hoses, car upholstery, Furniture upholstery, Soccer/sports socks, Ribbons, Nets, Dyeing Hoses, Filteration Fabric, Laces, Swim wear, Sports wear, Under garments, Seamless. All knitting applications, All weaving application (warp & weft) etc.
Advantages of Filatex Polypropylene Yarn
 » Quick Shipments
 » Better pricing
 » Best Quality
 » Latest machinery & Quality control equipments
 » Excellent & strong packaging.
 » Available in Textured, Twisted and intermingled.
 » Color Fastness and high visibility
 » U.V. Stabilised
 » Also available in Flouroscent colors.
Properties of Filatex Polypropylene yarns
 » Low specific gravity
 » Lowest Yarn weight ratio for same cover factor,
 » Human & Health friendly
 » Color Fastness with UV stabilisation
 » Full recyclability
 » Fast Drying
 » Quick transfer of water & body sweat
 » Crease & shape stability
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