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Major Milestones : Filatex India Limited  Promoters have a rich experience in marketing of Synthetic Filament yarns in the country for more than 4 decades and have a score of satisfied customers to their credit.
Major Milestones : Filatex India Limited  Due to customer oriented approach, direct marketing and a wide range of finished products, most of the demands of the customers are met under one roof and therefore, the company is able to gain and retain the customer loyalty.
Major Milestones : Filatex India Limited  Besides the commodity Polyester and Polypropylene yarns, the company is manufacturing specialized products like; Micro Denier, Dope Dyed and Trilobal yarns for the niche market, which generate higher value additions.
Major Milestones : Filatex India Limited  Due to hands down management and monitoring of the day-to-day affairs of the company by the promoters themselves, decision making is very prompt and therefore, the company is able to take the best advantage of frequent developments in the industry like; changes in the prices of raw materials, finished goods etc.
Major Milestones : Filatex India Limited  One of the lowest capital cost to finished goods ratio in the industry leading to lower fixed costs as the company has increased its installed capacity for manufacture of POY at its Dadra plant by putting up only spinning lines with some balancing equipments.
Major Milestones : Filatex India Limited  The company intents to put up Poly-condensation plant of 240 MT per day and increase its POY spinning capacity to match with its Poly-condensation capacity, a step towards backward integration, which will enable the company to bring down its cost of production further which besides improving the scale of economies will also yield the advantages of continuous polymerization system.
Major Milestones : Filatex India Limited  The company after achieving the backward integration and consolidating its financial position, intents to put up manufacturing facilities for manufacture of fabrics and garments thereafter to take advantage of higher level of integration.
Major Milestones : Filatex India Limited  The company enjoys the following locational advantages:
-Nearness to the sources of raw material and market leading to substantial savings in freight both on raw material and as well as finished goods.
-Cheep power i.e. @ Rs.4.00 per unit being supplied Dadra & Nagar Haveli Electricity Board.
-Proximity to the seaports enabling lower costs on imports and exports.

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