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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct shall apply to all the Board members and senior management personnel of the Company.

-They shall observe the highest standards of honesty, fairness, integrity and professionalism.

-They shall act within the authority conferred upon them and shall make and enact informed decisions and policies with the underlying goal of enhancing overall shareholder value.

-They shall inform the Board of any changes in the Board/ Committee positions held by them and relationship with other businesses which affect their judgement.

-They shall not engage in any business relationship or activity, which is in material conflict with their duty towards the Company and disclose the potential conflict of interest, if any.

-They shall protect the confidential information relating to the affairs of the Company acquired in the course of their duties, except when authorized or legally required to disclose such information and not to use such information for their personal advantage.

-They shall ensure that the Company’s assets and resources are used only for authorised business purposes of the Company.

-They shall adhere to all ethical and legal standards and not to do acts that harm the reputation of the Company.

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